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Setting your Django settings

The Django web framework is great. Initial setup is quick and easy. The settings file however can become a bit unwieldy as soon as you are having to deal with multiple environments and multiple developers. Also a important issue that is not provided out of the box, keeping sensitive data (keys & passwords) out of source control. We like to help you along by sharing some of our experiences.

API update -> parameters

Task API parameters json slice

The CodeCook development API has undergone some tweaks in the last weeks. First you will be able to authenticate using a HTTP header in addition to get request now. A second major change is listing the parameters used in a task/concept. This change makes it simpler for plugin makers to allow modifying the code snippet on the fly. So for example the counter loop task start, stop and body variables are passed when getting.. Read More

Get domain, path, protocol and get parameters in Django template


If you are a Django web developer you surely have found the need to use the sites domain name or absolute URL in a template. Django has a lot of functions and META keywords to do just that, but the features are spread out and lack a common interface. So, we have made a small tool/library to simplify the process of getting what you need from the complex URL/URI schema. What the fuzz?.. Read More

Static social share buttons

Speedy share button icon

Sick of the bloated social media buttons? Well, you should. They are a real performance hit! Simple share links add iframes,  perform additional request, trigger redraws and more. Luckily you can use normal links which aren’t always well explained in respective social development APIs. These are links to static share pages for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and so on. The page to share possibly along with detailed information is added as get parameters. Have.. Read More

The results are in!

Editor usage

We’ve asked you to fill in a survey and almost 50 of you did. Thank you all! Below you can see the most interesting results using some colourful charts. We think developers waste a lot of time on a daily basis (through no fault of their own). As a developer, you often need to search for code,  copy-paste it into your own workspace and finally you need to modify it to suit your.. Read More blog is up logo

Yes, our blog is up and running. We’ll be keeping you posted with the latest news and events surrounding the website. As first order of business, we’ll get the most interesting results of the survey online.